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Get a Grip!

Because of the popularity of kustom automotive painting, airbrush manufacturers have designed airbrushes that have pistol triggers on the bottom—identical to spray guns.  The rationale is to provide airbrushes that are already familiar to users in regard to handling.  With previous spray gun experience the artist is already well acquainted with spraying paint in this manner.  So the pistol grip airbrush was invented primarily to spray paints such as enamels, epoxies and lacquers. 

However, pistol-trigger airbrushes are also ideal for airbrush artists who work large or with heavier paints, e.g., artist acrylic colors; artists that are interested in varnishing their paintings by spraying a clear coat; artists that may prime a canvas by spraying on gesso; and artists that work on wall murals where bulk areas must be covered in a consistent manner.

What makes these airbrushes different from spray guns is that they have true dual-action triggering.  As you pull back on the pistol trigger, air is released, and the further back you pull the more paint is released, allowing you to change the width of the spray without stopping.  One particular model, the Iwata Kustom TH, comes with not only a mac valve to adjust the air at the tip of the airbrush, but a unique spray head system that allows you to spray either a round or a fan pattern.

Since these airbrushes were designed for the automotive industry, they are built with solvent-proof materials.  And they are available with either 3mm or 5mm needle tips.

The pistol grip brush is another tool to add to your repertoire of airbrushes.  Considering their unique and varied applications, you can never have too many!

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