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Brush with Greatness!!

The future has never been closer. Introducing Iwata-Medea’s latest product offerings, created to trigger imaginations while sparking your passion. The world’s leading designer of high-quality, professional spray equipment, we’re constantly inspired to evolve already superior products and make them even better. Why? Because Iwata is dedicated to delivering peerless performance and breathtaking control. With our comprehensive series of airbrushes and spray guns, Iwata is the most trusted name in the industry because we guarantee you’re spraying with the most advanced brushes on the market. These are the essential products that true artists demand.

Welcome to the next evolution of peerless performance. Inspired by the already-proven, industry-leading Custom Micron series, the Custom Micron CM-C Plus drives automotive and illustration airbrushing into the future with innovative features that have to be experienced to be believed.

Custom Micron CM-C Plus
Perfect performance that’s simply unmatched

Using the same match head assembly magic as the other trusted Custom Micron airbrushes, the Custom Micron CM-C Plus has the same precision feel that’s entirely unique to a Custom Micron airbrush. Featuring a new breakthrough technology, the Micro Air Control (MAC). Valve enables infinite control of the airflow at the head of the airbrush providing even more control of stippling, fine details and finely atomized background spraying. The new solvent-proof PTFE™ needle packing allows the use of automotive or other solvent based paints. The funnel shape of the redesigned gravity feed cup allows the airbrush to be used effectively with only a couple drops of paint and provides quick and thorough clean-up. A cutaway handle allows the user to grab the needle chucking nut and quickly pull back the needle to flush paint out of the cup and paint passageways for quick and easy clean up.

ECLIPSE G6 Airbrush ECL-9000
Unique, big-time performance

     A unique “Pistol Grip” airbrush, the Eclipse G6 airbrush looks like a miniature spray gun, but sprays and performs like a large airbrush with its 0.6mm stainless steel nozzle.
     Equipped with a long tapered needle that ensures a smooth transition between fine to wide background spray, the G6 utilizes a dual purpose air cap and a fan adjustment valve that lets the airbrush spray a round or oval spray pattern. The round pattern is useful for painting graphics, while the oval shape creates a smooth background spray.
     The G6 uses a special fitting where airbrush bottles can be used instead of a gravity feed cup, allowing for multiple color bottles to be interchanged quickly without having to clean a cup thoroughly – another unique feature for this type of spray unit.

Long noted as the professional’s workhorse, the popular High Performance Series has just been pumped up with these inspired new features:

  • Dual-purpose, cutaway and pre-set handle for easy clean up and precise control of paint flow.

  • PTFE™ needle packing for automotive or other solvent-based paints

  • Larger threads on the nozzle offer a more secure fit and better centering of the nozzle

  • Redesigned tapered gravity feed cups makes for easy clean up and more efficient paint flow

  • Single-piece auxiliary lever/needle chucking guide assures easy assembly

Iwata HP-A Plus

Iwata HP-B Plus

The HP-A Plus features a 0.2 mm nozzle and needle combination for high precision, detail spraying. The 1/32 oz. (.9ml) fluid cavity is perfect for spraying small amounts of media in a small area. The HP-B Plus is similar to the HP-A Plus except with a larger 1/16 oz. (1.8ml) gravity feed color cup.

Iwata HP-BC Plus

Iwata HP-C Plus

The HP-BC Plus is a high detail, high
precision, bottom feed airbrush for artists who need quick color changes with a certain set of colors. Similar in spray characteristics and needle-nozzle size to the HP-C Plus, it has very good atomization and is extremely reliable.
The HP-C Plus is a practical choice for most airbrush uses. Its larger 1/3 oz. (9ml) gravity feed cup and larger (0.3mm) needle/nozzle configuration allow for use with most media. This airbrush does it all – from fine hair lines to finely atomized background spray, along with an entire range of stippling effects. The gravity feed cup is useful for mixing custom colors and allows quick color changes. The short paint passageway from the cup to the front of the airbrush gives the HP-C Plus a responsive feel and allows it to be one of the quickest cleaning airbrushes in the industry.

The HP-SB Plus is similar to both the HP-A Plus and HP-B Plus, however, it has a 1/8 oz. (3.5ml) side feed color cup. The side feed cup is for either right or left-handed use and allows for slower detail spraying and better vision of the work surface. An optional 1/4 oz. side cup, 1/2 oz. gravity cup or a 1 oz. siphon bottle adds to the versatility of this airbrush.

Iwata HP-SB Plus

     Featuring the ultimate in finite air control directly at the nozzle with Iwata’s new Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve Technology, the Hi-Line Series doesn’t just change air pressure instantly – it changes the way you airbrush.
     Designed for artists who need extreme control of detailed spraying, this series uses larger diameter threads on the nozzle than the High Performance Series. This makes the nozzle much stronger when tightening it onto the airbrush and ensures better centering of the nozzle when it screws onto the airbrush body.
     The Hi-Line Series is now made with PTFE ™ needle packing, a dual-purpose cutaway,  pre-set handle and one-piece auxiliary lever/needle chucking guide construction.

Iwata Hi-Line HP-AH

Iwata Hi-Line HP-BH

The Hi-Line HP-AH features a 0.2mm nozzle. Larger threads on the nozzle offer a more secure fit and better centering of the nozzle on the body. The HP-AH sprays with one drop of paint in its 1/32 oz. (.9ml) fluid cavity. Just like the HP-AH, the Hi-Line HP-BH has a 0.2mm nozzle but has a larger 1/16 oz (1.8ml) cup for holding more paint. The gravity feed cup features a smooth inside taper which provides quick and easy clean up.

The Hi-Line HP-CH has a 0.3 mm nozzle and a large 1/3 oz. (9ml) tapered gravity feed cup. The larger nozzle and needle makes this an ideal airbrush for spraying a variety of paints from watercolors to solvent based automotive paints.

Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH

The latest addition to Iwata’s acclaimed Studio Series Compressors, the Power Jet Lite compressor features the powerful twin pump, 1/6 hp motor and is equipped with a pressure regulator for precise adjustment of airflow. Built with Iwata’s Smart Technology, it automatically shuts off when not in use.
A high-power compressor that’s economically priced, the Power Jet Lite doesn’t have a tank reservoir, yet delivers all the power necessary for use with the high-paint flow, multi-purpose Iwata Eclipse airbrush and the new Eclipse G6 pistol grip airbrush. Like all Iwata Studio Series compressors, the Power Jet Lite comes complete with an airhose and adapters so it can hook up to any brand of airbrush.

Air Flow: 1.15 CFM (32 Lpm)
Weight: 17.5 lbs. (7.9 kgs)
Size: 10.5 x 12 x 6 in
(26.5 x 31 x 15.5 cm)
Airbrush Holder
Strong Protective Outer Case
Quiet Performance

Iwata PowerJet Lite compressor

Iwata Power Jet Lite compressor (side view)

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