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Designed by
Mark “the Shark” Rush

Medea proudly unveils four newly designed air compressors that are manufactured to deliver the cleanest, driest air possible, with very little maintenance. The Shark line of silent compressors, developed with Mark "The Shark" Rush, run cooler and more efficiently thanks to a host of design innovations. At the forefront of the series, The Great White Shark features a 5/8 hp motor, a fan that blows air across the head of the motor, a radiator that cools the air before it reaches the coalescent filter, and a large capacity 4 gallon air tank that sits at the top of the unit, allowing moisture to drop out of the line before reaching the tank. The air is filtered one last time after it leaves the tank, before reaching your airbrush. The Great White even looks different than other compressors with the components housed in a dual roll bar cage-on-wheels for easy, safe transport.

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Great White Shark

Like the Great White, the three smaller Shark units - the 1/2 hp Hammerhead, the 1/3 hp Tiger and the 1/5 hp Mako - also feature cooling fans, extra long heavy duty electrical cords and highly efficient moisture separators. Each is housed in an open cabinet with a convenient carrying handle on the top and each is built to provide clean, dry, hassle-free air.

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Hammerhead Shark
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Tiger Shark
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Mako Shark

Each compressor targets a different airbrush artist. The Great White is perfect for studio use or for production T-shirt and textile artists, and is powerful enough to drive small spray guns like the Iwata RG-2. The Hammerhead can be used in the studio and is designed to handle two brushes simultaneously, even at different air pressures. The Tiger works well for the single airbrush illustrator, taxidermist or other serious airbrusher. The Mako is just right for the hobbyist, student, fingernail artist or light duty illustrator.


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